What Our Clients Are Saying

“I have been visiting the clinic regularly since its opening 3 years ago. Everyone faces the aging process differently. I found the transition to the next stage of my life quite challenging. My face and skin were the most visible in reflecting that transition. Agnes has been amazing in her knowledge and skill in addressing my skin care. Her approach is not only informative but personable and nurturing. I can't stop or even slow down "aging" but I can embrace it with dignity. Agnes offers services and advice that allows me to do just that. Thank you Agnes.”

Dr Judy Finlay

“Agnes has always helped me feel and look beautiful....her international success and training are evident in her knowledge, precision, treatments and creative touch. Thank you Agnes for everything you do!”

Dr Shelly Frank

“Agnes is a godsend! For years I struggled to combat troublesome jaw line acne that I developed in my late thirties. I invested hundreds of dollars in products and treatments that did little to mitigate the unsightly layers of bumps, pustules and papules on my face. Within short months of following Agnes’ recommended beauty routine using Yon-Ka products combined with regular OxyGeneo facials, my skin has almost totally cleared. As a side benefit I have realized more radiant, oxygenated skin that positively glows! Agnes is a truly knowledgeable and experienced skincare artist who has the tools and products needed to achieve results. Plus she truly cares about what’s best for your skin. If you are looking for true skincare solutions, look no further than Rees Medi Aesthetics..”

Jennifer Smith

“Agnes is the epitome of skin care knowledge and a true professional in her field. From the moment you walk into her salon you feel welcome and comfortable. On your first visit, after thoroughly examining your skin, she spends time explaining different procedures and products that would enhance your skin. Her knowledge is extensive and very up to date. Her facials, which are custom for your face, are absolutely heavenly. She uses beautiful products and as she applies them she explains the benefits. Her skill at applying the products is so relaxing. It’s truly a heavenly experience. I have been seeing Agnes for approximately 2 years and my skin has definitely benefited from her treatments, which are non-invasive and totally natural. I love that! Treat yourself and visit Agnes. You deserve to be pampered.”


“Agnes is ahhhhhmazing! Very real and honest about your skin. She’s extremely knowledgeable and really has an individual approach to skin care - she caters her facials to your skin needs, plus it’s the most relaxing experience ever. I never had really terrible skin but it was bad and I suffered from acne when I first started and my skin has come a long way thanks to Agnes.”

M MigdalGoogle Reviews

“I approached Rees Medi Aesthetics a year and half ago because my Husband gave me a gift certificate for my birthday. He had gotten a glowing referral from our Hairdresser. She had told him it was a great place for me to go for my acne. I was skeptical at first and thought my husband had wasted his money. I had tried everything over the years and I was really at the end of my rope with my skin care regime.
The staff at Rees Medi Aesthetics helped me by explaining what they could do for me. They are very educated in their knowledge of skin care and I knew from the beginning that I had come to the right place. They assured me it would take some time but that the end results would be worth it.
I started a skin care regime of YonKa products including cleanser, toner and moisturizer and quarterly I went to her for deep cleansing skin treatments. Once my skin reacted effectively to the YonKa products they switched me to AlumierMD products that were better for acne prone skin.
I like Rees Medi Aesthetics because the staff are very educated and always very patient with me in explaining the procedures before they begin.
I have always felt comfortable going to Rees Medi Aesthetics. I feel comfortable there because the staff are opened and honest. The rooms are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and impeccably clean. I will continue to go here for my skin and aesthetic needs.
I have recommended Rees Medi Aesthetics to others including family, friends and complete strangers. I carry some cards in my wallet and have given them out when someone talks about looking for a good place for skin care and aesthetics
Thank you,

A very happy and current customer. 🙂

Ager Family

“I have had fantastic treatments at Rees Medi Aesthetics. Agnes is so skilled and attentive also friendly and warm. The whole experience has always been terrific and relaxing.”

Robin Urquhart

“I don’t think I could possibly speak higher praise of Agnes and what she has done to help me! I literally tell everybody that has any type of skin issue to go see her immediately. Even if you don’t have any issues and just enjoy being pampered - do it! I have always had relatively good skin until a few years ago when, at 27 years old, my skin was breaking out and I tried everything and wasted so much money trying to fix it. Agnes was recommended to me by a friend and seeing her was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I got my confidence back as she helped me get back to clear, beautiful skin. She talked me through everything and assured me we could clear it up with a combination of both treatments and my promise I will do my part at home with the proper skin care routine she recommended for my skin specifically. Needless to say, within weeks my skin was drastically better and with each treatment, it just glowed! I still continue to see her for the occasional pesky breakouts or just to relax, the facials there are one of the most heavenly experiences I’ve ever had. Not to mention to flurry of compliments for days afterwards about how beautiful my skin is. 100% recommend Agnes and Rees Medi Aesthetics, she will not disappoint!”

Melissa Pawelko

“Within moments of walking in the door for the first time and meeting Agnes, my apprehension melted away. The trust and confidence Agnes imparts makes it easy for me to refer. The amazing results I've experience makes it my pleasure to share. ”

Spencer Barfoot

“After suffering with chronic, painful hormonally-driven cystic acne for 20 years, I can finally proudly walk out into bright sunshine with absolutely no make-up (only tinted sunscreen). A chance meeting with Agnes coupled with a “what-have-I-got-to-lose” attitude has returned a state of health and beauty to my skin that I never thought possible.
Through a series of specialized peels and facials performed by Agnes, as well as my being consistent with a simple at home regiment, my skin is completely healed. This is a feat I had never dreamt possible after so many years, so many products. I had also been to several dermatologists with absolutely no results. And yet, here I was, 8 months after my first consultation with Agnes, acne free. Had it not been for her kind and approachable nature, her amazing and obvious passion for skin care, and her desire to help and heal others, I may not have been open to trying this “one last time”.
Through this process, I have felt my skin’s needs being personalized was always a priority, as opposed to getting another generic acne facial. Agnes was also incredibly helpful via text or phone if I had any questions or concerns in between sessions. She even met me after hours on a weekend when I was concerned about a possible adverse reaction, to which she immediately solved the problem and soothed my skin.
It has been a year since I was first able to again enjoy all the benefits and confidence of having a healthy skin again. I still employ my customized simple daily regiment and have peels as required for maintenance, and every day when I wake up and look in the mirror I am so grateful to have met Agnes. To have been blessed enough to consider her both a healer and a teacher who has helped to guide me through this journey to renewed skin health. ”

Sarah Austin

“I have found Agnes at Rees Medi Aesthetics to be very professional. Her experience in the field of skin care is above and beyond any I have experienced in the past. She is extremely attentive to any needs or concerns you may have regarding the care of your skin. I trust her completely and ask often for advice and recommendations as to how I can take better care of my skin. Any issues or problems I have experienced with my skin she was able to resolve for me to my complete satisfaction. Agnes has always been honest with me regarding any procedures or products I have enquired about. Agnes is very respectful of her customers privacy and she always treats you like you are important to her. I would recommend her to my family and friends and I know I could not find anyone better! ”

Connie K

“Agnes is the consummate professional with a wealth of knowledge in skin care. She is someone that I can trust to give honest feedback in a consultation and educates her clients.Regardless of what service Im having, I leave feeling confident and beautiful!”

Cathy Genge

“I have been going to Agnes for a coupe of years now. I am a committed customer! I simply love what she does to my eyebrows. Agnes is very professional, knowledgeable and makes some great suggestions. She accommodates my schedule and always makes me feel welcome. I am comfortable to try different treatments”

Theresa Edmonson

“I was referred to Agnes a few years ago by another colleague of hers and it was the best decision I made to go and see her. Over the last few years Agnes has applied several different skin treatments on me and I have been very happy with all of her services. Agnes is extremely knowledgeable, professional and highly hygienic in both her treatment rooms and technique. Please book a consult with Agnes and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
Thank you, Agnes! ”

Mellissa P